Prevent Kids Furniture Accidents

Five things you can do to prevent tip-over accidents with kids furniture

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When it comes to kids furniture, one of the biggest potential safety hazards is that furniture pieces will tip over. It’s important that you take precautions to prevent this from happening. The following are five things you can do to prevent tip-over accidents with kids furniture:

Make sure that all drawers have drawer stops installed

Kids furniture by Incy Interiors will be more likely to tip over if heavy items are in drawers and drawers are pulled out all the way. Stops on drawers can limit how far drawers are pulled out and prevent drawers from coming out all the way and falling down. For this reason, drawer stops are good for increasing the stability of furniture pieces.

Choose furniture pieces that have very solid bases or wide legs

Any piece of furniture with a very sturdy base will be less likely to topple over. You want to chose kids furniture with most of the weight at the bottom of the structure. Large objects that are top heavy are inherently less stable and are more likely to fall over.

Put any heavy items on the bottom shelf or floor

When it comes to kids furniture, you should absolutely avoid putting any heavy items up high. Items that are heavy should be stored on the bottom of any shelves or other types of furniture units.

Even better, you may want to keep heavy items off of kids furniture pieces entirely and only ever put them on the ground or somewhere out of the way in storage where they cannot be accessed by young children.

Secure furniture upright by strapping it to the wall

One way that you can make absolutely sure that kids furniture pieces from won’t topple over is by strapping them to the wall. You can find furniture straps or L-brackets for sale that are specifically designed to secure furniture pieces.

Of course, you will only be able to use straps on furniture pieces that are placed right up against the wall. However, generally speaking, kids furniture should always be placed up against the wall to begin with. Placing furniture pieces up against the wall makes it so that they are at least completely prevented from toppling over in one direction, behind them into the wall.

Be especially careful to avoid putting favorite items within eyesight up high

You might occasionally need to place a favorite item of your child up out of the way on one of your pieces of kids furniture. When you have to do this, you need to take special care. Kids are going to make an effort to get at their favorite toys or possessions. If you place a favorite item within eyesight, you can be sure that your kids are going to try to climb up on kids furniture and get at it.

Put favorite items out of site entirely. You don’t want your child to attempt to climb up and tip over a heavy furniture piece.

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